Viser opslag fra december, 2018

Funny? Seriously?

These two pics (taken by my father ca. 1972) were taken within minutes, maybe even seconds. And it’s clearly not the same person. The first one is concerned, maybe even worried to the point of actual fright, and the other is happy and carefree (and obviously not thinking about his teeth) . If you ever met me fleetingly, you’d probably think that mostly person no. 2 is me. I tend to be joyful and extrovert at social gatherings and even cracking jokes and the like. To this guy, humorous behavior and endeavor is important and I would really love to be that guy … be him ALL the time, I mean. But I'm not. “A mind at ease is the most valuable gift”, as someone said. I do wish I had that gift. Yes, I am often buoyant and jovial, but sometimes I bitch over things (my closer friends and wife and family will know that) and sometimes – mostly when I’m alone – I’m “concerned, maybe even worried to the point of actual fright” like in the first picture. When it comes