Viser indlæg fra januar, 2011

Two DOComedies

Until I get around to write something clever again(?), here are short docomedies. One is about the royal wedding in Denmark in 2004 (and I admit it's a bit hard to follow the subtitles with the speed of the VO and the editing) and the other is a paranoic view out my windows. "The Royal Wedding" was made on a grant from Danish Film Directors and shows how the director tries to convince his cameraman that he should be invited to the wedding of the Danish Crown Prince. This is the film that made me think up the phrase "docomedy" which depicts a true event in a satirical and self-reflective and/or self-ironic way: "Is This Really Legal?" is also somewhat of a docomedy and was made for a web-tv project called CLIPS where ten directors made a small film. Funded by Danish Film Institute and daily newspaper Politiken: