Viser indlæg fra februar, 2016

"Wit's End" - a new film on the way?

I have been silent here for a while. And I haven’t even been reviewing any docs on for quite some time. Why? Have I been on holiday? Been busy, stressed out and depressed? Been too happy and carefree to think about documentaries? "Yes" to all of the above – although not at the same time, obviously. Right now I’m mainly a bit tired and disillusioned with being a documentary filmmaker with an outspoken desire to work with both satirical and artistic means. With the current state of affairs and developments in society and everybody feeling they're right and thus despising each other in the public debate (and telling them so), it seems that even the noble art of satire a little too often  degenerates into self-righteous slander and even propaganda. It IS definitely serious times. So good luck, Mikkel, trying to make DOComedys. Good luck, trying to finance films on grave topics with a twist and a twirl, with ambiguity and a lack of des