Viser indlæg fra januar, 2014

Storm P.

Whilst working on an updated definition and a new set of rules for true DOComedy-films, I came by this old favorite of mine by Danish artist, writer, humorist etc., Robert Storm Petersen  (1882-1949). The caption is: "I hope that my lecture here has shed some light on the concept of humor".


You - yes, YOU - may very well be my reader no. 5.000 (including Ukrainian hackers) and therefore I should give you a special treat. And since you are here at all I gather you either: 1) have a keen interest in documentaries 2) are said Ukrainian hacker, or 3) are my mother. So what kind of treat do I have in mind? Is it a link to my feature article in a Danish newspaper during Christmas ? No, and neither is it a list of my personal favorites on this blog (" Just pitch the damn thing " is really funny, and so are all three texts on " Docs and Humor ", and there is also the piece I wrote on... (shortened by editor). The treat is – ta-dah - a glimpse into the future, and I will divide it into the three said categories of possible readers. 1) In 2014 the documentary scene will still straddle in the huge field between documentary films with an artistic approach and TV- documentaries with a journalistic viewpoint. The directors of the first kin