Viser indlæg fra marts, 2013

Humor and Docs 2

I’ve noticed that even though I very often try to be funny in person, on Facebook, at parties, on the train or at the nudist swimming club (where the joke is on me, obviously) – and even at funerals; when it comes to my professional endeavors I unwillingly and unconsciously get more serious. When I for instance write a synopsis for a new documentary idea or have a meeting with a producer or a commissioning editor, I almost automatically switch to that serious and unfunny mode. ( And when I write blogs, you might add.) In other words, I often feel that I somehow betray myself in order to not come across as a fool. Deep down, I seem to rely on that “seriousness is the default mode for us and other animals” [1] . But first of all, it pisses me off to betray myself and who I am. Even worse, I do it to indulge someone’s inclinations - and often someone with money to hand out. But the more I look into it, the more it seems that my behavior is silly. Some research [2]