Viser indlæg fra juni, 2013

Humor and Docs 3

I'm not saying that my thoughts here are particularly insightful, I'm just saying that this site at Interntional Centre for Documentary and Experimental Film, DocWest, at University of Westminster is linking to my blog. And of course to Filmkommentaren  and a lot of other interesting stuff. Check them out! So, what else have I been up too lately - besides googling myself? I just came home from beautiful Scotland where I found time to ponder over my recurring theme about humor and documentaries - and how "real" humor that comes out of and exists in reality differs from scripted and performed humor (like stand-up, comedy feature films and so on). Just before I left, I read an article by Thomas Raab in "Tidsskrift for Sprogforskning" (a linguistic magazine from Univesity of Aarhus, Denmark) where he conveys the information that German philosopher Schopenhauer in  The World as Will and Representation  wrote about the relation between language and humor (I m