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About "DOComedy". Printed in DOX a few years ago. (It's readable if you click on the picture)

Remark in July 2014: I really feel I should update these definitions as soon as I have a moment. Not that I am really fond of strict rules and definitions (it seems a bit anal, right?) but because once crap is up on the internet, you need to make it stick!

The Nature of Documentaries and Reality Depiction

A causerie from a holiday If you have seen mine and Bente Milton’s film, ”My Avatar and Me” (2010, 91 min.,), you’d probably say: “What the heck does he know about the nature of documentaries”. I can’t blame you for thinking that, considering the freedom with which we undertook the task of making a “documentary” from the virtual world Second Life. Well, in our defense I can say that we didn’t set out to make a traditional documentary and that the film went through a lot of changes and discussions during the production due to various changes in the financing conditions (of course) and therefore maybe ended as a more fictional piece of work than what at least I myself had set out to make. But as our commissioning editor from ZDF/Arte came up with the term “a documentary fantasy” to describe the film, I was more or less satisfied. Nevertheless, as the production went on, so did the internal discussions on our team, and as I also appear in the film as myself, I surely had some stro