In Therapy

Me and Docs – we are having some trouble; our 20-some years’ romance has halted a bit lately.

I fell in love with documentaries around 1994, but … you know how it is… sometimes things just cool off. We’ve been through the usual: “it’s not you, it’s me” (even though we both know it’s not me) and we’ve tried not seeing each other.

But you just realize you are in love deep down when you see the other party hobnobbing with all sorts of people and you feel that sting of jealousy … knowing that the others are not good for your loved one. And when you see someone taking advantage of the situation and suggesting all sorts of indecent things, you just want to go punch them in the face (and maybe film it simultaneous).

So we went into therapy… and I bought a 188€ accreditation pass for CPH:DOX (with discount from Danish Film Directors, otherwise it would have been 235€ - but hey, therapy is always expensive) so I could go see if I - if WE - can re-find the affection and to explore whether our feelings for each other will be reciprocated.

Of course, I promise to love the doc I’m producing right now (Jens Loftager’s “FAITH”… and you are going to love it as well… just wait till later this year), and I will not hate the drinks and the receptions… and maybe I’ll even write a few reviews at Filmkommentaren (as part of the therapy) … but I’ll also need to be loved in return…

Love me back, won’t you, Docs!?

PS. Wrote a somewhat more bleak thing about the same topic (roughly) a year ago. My god, time flies.


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