CPH:DOX 2013 Opening

I admit it: after last year’s opening I was really pissed, which you can see here.

The venue this year was the same but this time we got better seats. Still dozens of people had a really, really bad view of the screen but who cares? Fuck ‘em, if they don’t have better connections. Let’s face it: writing a blog is primarily to promote one self and if you got a bad seat; write your own damn blog.

Anywho, at the opening last night the timing of everything was improved and the program went somewhat smoother. Also, after the show, I was recognized by daily newspaper Politiken’s reviewer, Kim Skotte (well, we made eye contact and he nodded - a big moment) and several good-looking women.

I had a few drinks and - possibly due to my current high fat/low carb diet - I quickly got in an even better mood, talking to old friends. Minutes later my speech impediments grew a bit more severe than usual, so I decided to go home to get ready for 10 days of documentary film festival while trying to get the day job done at the same time.

See? Give me a good seat, some drinks and I’ll behave much better. Of course the food was gone when I made it to the buffet, but they were probably full of carbohydrate anyway.

(There are carbs in alcohol you say? Nah…)

I forgot to take a snap last night, so here are some horseshoes instead. You know, for luck.


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