CPH:DOX 2014 Opening will not be reviewed...

... because it was once again held at DR Koncerthuset which is quite unsuited for film screenings for a large part of the audience. The sound was horrendous and cut into the small fragile bones of my ears and other body parts; at least heard from my section of the concert hall.

Main characer of "1989", Németh Miklós. A good guy (much better than the host).

And even though the discussion afterwards was on an interesting topic (that of the film), there was not one word (maybe one) about the film itself. The curse of documentary filmmaking: The subject matter often overshadows the film as art form (hence point 2 here).

But maybe a documentary film festival should not be doing that on their opening night? Well, what the hell, they have a lot to think about and a lot of ideas to consider, so schwam darüber.

And since I am still trying to get a ticket for the international guest's dinner party in Tivoli on Wednesday, I better shut up.

See you at the festival venues.

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