CPH:DOX 2012 Closing Satisfaction

In all fairness (considering my previous blog) I should express here that the closing ceremony of CPH:DOX 2012 at Bremen Theater was well executed and rounded off my quite busy and interesting ten days of films, seminars and meetings. And partying. Thank you all - for making this possible.

At the awards itself, we as an audience was courteously told several times what to do and where to go at what time; director Tine Fischer’s speech was brief(er) and to the point; the hosts Brügger and Bertelsen were funny and engaging; the awards didn’t take too long; the film well chosen as a closer; the wine was better; the girls were prettier…

But of course I wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t list some more undesirable features: The invitation/ticket system was unclear to most delegates; the screen itself was damaged and tarnished the film; the audience was impatient/thirsty/peeing in their pants and kept running in and out; the noise from the bar during the screening was quite annoying… and I couldn’t drink more than four glasses of wine and three beers and had to leave already at 2.30 AM!

But we’ll all be back in 2013, no?

PS. I only managed to write one review this year. It's posted on the wonderful site of Filmkommentaren, where Tue Steen Müller and Allan Berg Nielsen on a daily basis write so cleverly and insigthful about documentaries: http://www.filmkommentaren.dk/blog/blogpost/2191/


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